How would it feel to have less stress, more energy, better mood, and great sleep?

Herbalism offers an opportunity to feel your best.  Feel like you again.

Our bodies are built for optimal health and wellness.  But sometimes we get off-track and out of balance.  Thankfully, with the right balance of herbs, lifestyle, and dietary changes, our bodies are capable of healing.  We just need the right solution and tools.

Feeling great originates from your energy, your mood, your stress levels, and your sleep.  These can all be drastically improved with herbs.

We don’t have to feel exhausted, moody, unfocused or scattered.

Make herbs your natural ally against stress, anxiety, and feeling blue.

Working with an hebalist

The goal of working with an herbalist is to find natural solutions to bring your body back into balance so you can feel your best. More… 


Liane’s approach to wellness is highly personalized.  The focus is on creating a custom holistic plan that supports the person, not just the symptoms.    More… 

Classes & Workshops

In-person and on-line courses to help you find your balance and create a more joyful, energized, and healthy life. More… 

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