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When I was in my early 30s I was unable to get pregnant.  Testing at a top Boston fertility center showed I had “premature ovarian failure” and after several failed IVF cycles my doctor told me I was a “non responder” and they would not continue to treat me.  I was losing hope. 

Thankfully, I sought out another opinion.  I didn’t give up.  

A year of fertility treatments and looking closely at how to improve my health and the environment around me paved the way for where I am today, and ultimately lead me to herbal medicine.   I am happy to say that we became pregnant with our twin girls after another round of IVF. Today, they are happy, healthy, tweens and our family is complete.

The truth is that you do have control over so many factors that can improve your fertility (and that of your partner’s).  I wish I knew then what I know now: that the right combination of diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs can make a difference.

I believe no one should struggle to get pregnant. 

Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, I understand your journey and I can help.

Professional Bio

Liane is a Certified Herbalist who specializes fertility, preconception planning, stress, anxiety and sleep.  Liane’s approach to health is simple and holistic

Using traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research, she combines herbs with lifestyle and dietary changes to help bring the body back into balance.

Liane’s approach is highly personalized, and goes beyond the “this for that” approach so common in our culture today.  Consultations allow plenty of time to fully cover past and current health history and concerns. Clients receive a custom herbal protocol that supports the individual person, not just a particular ailment.  This is the true “art of herbalism”.


Liane spent 20 years in corporate marketing before delving into the healing power of plants.  She is a Certified Herbalist and a member of the American Herbalist Guild, American Botanical Council, and Plant Savers United.

Learn more about Liane’s work with pregnancy planning & fertility support here

Learn more about Liane’s work with stress, anxiety, mood, energy, and sleep here. 

Herbalists cannot diagnose or cure conditions.  They help guide you to a healthier lifestyle, and it is always important to work with your medical or naturopathic doctor for serious health conditions. Liane is happy to work with your primary care practitioner and to make referrals for other types of health care professionals.

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