Feeling exhausted, moody, unfocused or scatterd? Struggling with stress or gettinga good night’s sleep?


Then join us for the 4 Pillars of Health Series as we explore an herbalist’s approach to feeling our best through diet, lifestyle changes, and of course, herbs.

The 4 Pillars are the four areas of our well being that create a foundation for health: stress management, mood, energy, and sleep. When these four pillars are in balance, everything else flows beautifully and we can enjoy a life of true joy and vibrance.

Join us for all 4 classes, or pick and choose the ones that interest you the most.

Thursday, 3/8, 7pm: Stressed Out? An herbalist’s approach to less stress and more joy
Our bodies are not meant to feel stressed out, frazzled, or anxious. With the right balance of lifestyle adjustments and herbal support, we can bring our bodies back into balance. Less stress, more joy!

Thursday, 3/15, 7pm: Feeling cranky, irritable, moody? An herbalist’s approach to boost your mood
Being truly present and joyful in our busy daily lives can be hard. It’s easy to feel grumpy, snappy, irritated or just plain down. We will explore natural ways to feel more joyful and vibrant so we can feel like ourselves again, only better.

Thursday, 3/29, 7pm: Tired all the time? An herbalist’s approach to energy, focus, and mental clarity
If you feel exhausted all the time, have a hard time remembering your to-do list, or feel like you are walking around with “brain fog” all day, then this is the class for you. We will discuss natural solutions to help clear the cobwebs, improve our memory and focus, and have more energy.

Thursday, 4/26 7pm: Sleep Issues? An herbalist’s approach to falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking refreshed
Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Or staying asleep? Do you wake up feeling refreshed… or is your first thought “I can’t wait to go back to bed tonight?” Join us as we explore diet, lifestyle, and herbs that can help support healthy sleep: falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking feeling refreshed and rested.


Location:  A Centered Self, 2 Elm Square, Suite 314, Andover, MA
Cost: $20 each class, for all 4 Pillars, $60.
How to register: Use the register link below.  Select the green “tickets” button on the top right of page.  You can then choose a ticket for all 4 classes “4 Pilliars Series” ticket, or scroll down and select only the class (or classes) you are interested in attending. 

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