Do you feel exhausted, anxious, moody, or unfocused? Struggling with stress or getting a good night’s sleep?

The Vibrant Life Program

You are not alone!  Our bodies are not meant to feel drained, frequently anxious, scattered, or just plain down.  But sometimes we get off-track and out of balance.

Thankfully, with the right balance of herbs, lifestyle and dietary changes, our bodies care capable of healing.  We just need the right solutions and tools.

That’s where the Vibrant Life Program comes in.

Working with clients one-on-one has helped me see a very clear pattern:  herbs work, and when combined with diet and lifestyle changes have the power to truly transform lives and work on a even deeper level.

Vibrant = full of energy and enthusiasm

The Vibrant Life Program is a 10 week program that is a combination of my private herbal consultation plus 5 group coaching classes focused on lifestyle changes to supercharge your wellness.

The Program consists of:

This 10 week period of inspiration and transformation is designed to establish new routines to help you feel:

  • more balanced moods
  • more energy
  • less brain fog
  • more focus
  • better sleep
  • less stress
  • less anxiety

All of this is possible when combining the power of herbal medicine with diet and lifestyle changes.  During our group classes we will discuss:

  • simple ways to eat that can support your energy and moods
  • mindfulness practices to help decrease stress and find more joy
  • introduce movement and exercise in a way that is manageable, sustainable, and fun
  • strategies for healthy, restorative sleep

The Vibrant Life Program starts Thursday November 8, 2018 and finishes Thursday January 17, 2019.  If you can’t make one of the live classes you will still have full access to the material covered through a pre-recorded audio file.  We will only meet 1 time in December since that is often a busy month.  We are limiting registration to keep the group classes intimate, allowing for lots of interaction, questions, and sharing.  Private consultations will be scheduled before the program starts on November 8th.

Location:  A Centered Self, 2 Elm Square, Unit 314, Andover MA

Dates: Thursday evenings from 7 – 8:30 pm:  11/8, 11/29, 12/6, 1/10, 1/17

Registration:  Space is limited to ensure an intimate group!  Once you are registered you will receive instructions on scheduling your private herbal consultation.  You consultation should be scheduled before the program starts on November 8th.  Link to register is below.  Registration closes November 1, 2018.

Cost: $497 (includes private consultation, 10 week supply of herbal tinctures, 5 group classes, and a private follow up at the end of the program)

What would your life look like if you had freedom from stress and anxiety, and the mental energy and clarity to be truly present and joyful?

Less stress. More Joy.

I hope you will join us for the Vibrant Life Program!

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