Pre-Pregnancy Planning & Fertility Support

Herbs are your body’s natural ally.

Get the support you need to improve your chances of conceiving and set your body on the right path for a healthy pregnancy.

Are you planing to start a family and want to begin from a place of optimal health and fertility?

Or, have you tried to get pregnant but not had success (conceiving or maintaining)?

A holistic herbal plan can help maximize your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are still in the planning stage, in the middle of IVF cycles, or somewhere in-between, a holistic herbal plan can support you and your ultimate goal of optimal fertility and a healthy pregnancy.  

When we improve our health, we improve our fertility and set our bodies on the right path for a healthy pregnancy.


  • Blend of Science & Herbalism. I love combining modern science with centuries of traditional herbal remedies for simple, holistic solutions for clients.
  • Deep Listening; Personalized Treatment. I dig in and uncover what’s really going on (root cause) so I can provide custom protocols to meet your body’s needs.
  • Breaking it Down. Results multiply when you have a sound understanding of how and why these protocols are supporting your body.

Appointments are available in person in Andover, MA or over the phone/video conference for distance clients.

~Herbal Consults~


Initial Consult (90 minutes):


  • In-depth exploration of your health history and current concerns with an emphasis on root causes of any imbalances that could be impacting your chances to become pregnant.
  • Analysis of common but often unknown items that can sabotage your fertility and a custom plan to maximize your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
  • Custom protocol that is tailored to your unique constitution and health needs that includes herbal + nutritional recommendations.

*Tinctures and tea not included in the price of consults.



(45 minutes):


An ongoing opportunity for you to voice your concerns, talk about your progress, and ask any questions that are coming up for you on your healing journey.  This helps keep things on track, and make sure the herbs are adjusted as your body evolves and comes back into balance. Through this process, we can ensure that the herbs you’re taking continue to be perfectly suited to your present needs.




* Tinctures and tea not included in the price of consults.


~The Pre-Pregnancy Planning & Fertility Wellness Program~

A one-on-one custom program

We’ll partner together to maximize the power of herbs by creating sustainable lifestyle changes and healthy habits.  Over the course of 3 or 6 months we will meet 2 times per month to dig deep into the herbal + nutrition + lifestyle changes (lifestyle makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the herbs) to help you reach your goals. 

Choose the Program that Works for You:

  • 6 Month Program: $215 per month (price includes initial consultation)
  • 3 Month Program: $225 per month (price includes initial consultation)

* Cost of tinctures and tea not included in the price of the program.


A Centered Self | 2 Elm Square | Suite 314| Andover | MA

To schedule an appointment please call, email, or use the “schedule” buttons above to access the online calendar and scheduling system:

P: +1 (978) 219 2442


Herbalists cannot diagnose or cure conditions.  They  help guide you to a healthier lifestyle, and it is always important to work with your medical or naturopathic doctor for serious health conditions. Liane is happy to work with your primary care practitioner and to make referrals for other types of health care professionals.

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